Sunday, April 15, 2018

Vacation!!! My Super Long Post

Hi, Guys! So remember that vacation I was talking about? Can you guess where I went? I went to Atlantis in the Bahamas! (I can say exactly where I went because I live super far away) I enjoyed it so much and I'm excited to show some pictures! And of course, I took like 400 photos. Uhh, what can I say? I like photography!

Day 1
My family had to get up at 4:30 in the morning for our flight. On the flight my brother sat next to the window but I still got a photo of when we were coming in!
When we got there we had a really delicious lunch at a buffet!! There was an outside area that me and my brother hung out in. I took a few photos.

We were staying in a hotel called the Royal Towers which has an aquarium inside of it called the Dig. After breakfast we walked around that. A few hours later we went swimming and then to our hotel room.
There were so many palm trees!!!!

We got a pizza for dinner but I ate a really yummy salad!

Day 2

I mainly relaxed this day. Me and my brother swam in a pool for a bit and then I read my book. I reread the 6th Warriors New Prophesy and then moved on to the 3rd Story Thieves!

For dinner we had pizza again but this time it was margarita which is my favorite!

Day 3

I read my book for a couple hours on a chair by a pool. Me and my brother also walked around the Cove, another hotel at Atlantis.

Me and my dad had dinner at a buffet and there was a chocolate and white chocolate fountain! It was pretty cool!
After dinner me and my dad walked around for a few minutes.
I took this picture of a wittle sleepy turtle!!
I also took a few photos of the Cove.

Day 4

I went out with my dad in the morning and took a lot of pictures. 
There were four of this amazing animal, the smalltooth sawfish. In 2012 Atlantis became the first place to successfully breed this species and here the four smalltooth sawfish are.  
The moon is over this building.
Just a picture of a cool fountain. 
We walked through the Cove again and there was a koi pond!
This is just a view from the Cove.
And here's the beach.
I had to take a picture of the Power Tower! A few water slides are inside of it.
A water slide called the Challenger. My brother like this one!
This gecko was hard to get a picture of because he ran away so fast!
Here's the famous Leap of Faith! Yep, it drops you 60 feet then through a tube though a shark tank. And nope, I didn't go on it. My brother said I should have. 
These trees are called mangrove trees. 
A flying fish fountain.

Later that evening my whole family walked around.
I had a few minutes to stand by the Leap of Faith so I took a bunch of pictures of sharks.

The hotel looks so pretty at night! ^-^

 We also walked through another aquarium which was my least favorite. There were barracudas in it! Ahh!! They're one of my biggest fears. I just find them so sinister and creepy!

Day 5

Me and my dad went for another morning walk. This time we walked all through the aquarium in the hotel, the Dig.
There was so many cool stingrays!
This was a pretty shot!
t Mountains of fluffy clouds!!
There were cool hammerhead sharks!
Me and my dad would walk on that rope bridge and the sharks would come right below us!!
This tree's roots are crazy!
The way the lighting came through was really cool!
The sky was sooo clear!!!
This hibiscus had so many ruffles!!
There were four of this amazing animal, the smalltooth sawfish. In 2012 Atlantis became the first place to successfully breed this species and here the four smalltooth sawfish are!
Cute turtles!!!!
Aw, this one had a weak fin! He was so friendly!

Me and my mom snorkeled with dolphins in the afternoon! It was my favorite part of the trip!

Day 6

In the morning we had to get packed up and get on our plane ride home! I was so sad to leave but I had such a great time!

Well, I hope you liked this post! Thinking about my vacation certainly made me happy! Have a great day and stay awesome!

Monday, April 2, 2018

And Now We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Posts for a Long Overdue Post

Hi, Guys! I still will be making those posts about the promo items but today I want to make a post about a topic that I wish I had the time to talk about three months ago while I was on hiatus.

*Note: I'm sorry about the bad quality of the photos. It's very difficult to capture moving              things.

Well, now I want to talk about my pet goldfish. A few days after Christmas I had to go to the dentist. (Just for a check-up.) At the dentist if you don't have any cavities you get a goldfish. So I got my goldfish and a few hours later I realized there was something different about it.
So this is the normal side of him.
And here's the weird side of him. He has one eye! I just don't understand why he's like this! It's just like where an eye is supposed to be it's just skin. (Scales? I'm not sure)

I decided that the best thing to name him was Pirate. It was only a few weeks ago, though. I never really could decide.

I'm sorry about the shortish post. Have a great day and stay awesome!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dash Tag

Hi, Guys! So, you've probably heard of Animal Jam's newest app called Dash Tag. Basically, it's where you run along a completely random course, jumping over obstacles, collecting items, and tagging pets! 

There are three lands that you run in: Mount Shiveer, Coral Canyons, and Sarepia Forest!

After you've ran for awhile pets appear that you can catch and add to your collection.
When you're close to catching a pet a emoji will pop up over its head. After that, you can tap the screen.
This is what it looks like after you tap the screen. Now you've caught the pet!
You can scroll through and see all of the pets you've earned.
Each pet has little upgrades to boosts or makes it more likely for lures to appear.
All the pets also have certificates! This is one of my favorite pets!
There are also daily missions that you can complete. Most of the times you either get some gems or a lure.

Finally, I want to tell you about some upcoming posts. I think that I'll be reviewing some Animal Jam merchandise soon. I'm planning to:
• Review Animal Jam trading cards
• Compare the normal pet house and the cupcake pet house

Well, do you like Dash Tag? Do you want to see these posts? Let me know, have a great day, and stay awesome!